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Why RiskScore®?

In today’s world knowing the level of Insurance Risk your business is exposed to is complicated. With RiskScore® we help you remove the blindfold and help you anaylise your exposure while crediting you for all of the great things you are doing to mitigate those Risks while identifying areas for improvement.

What is it?

RiskScore® is a simple online tool that:

  • Enables you to understand how you are doing.
  • Enables you to see your business RiskScore® and understand how you could reduce your Risk and Premiums.
  • Enables us to understand your safety culture, claims management training & compliance programs.
  • RiskScore® becomes a benchmark for us to monitor the success of our stewardship and it ties together all of our risk management tools.
  • Helps us understand your strengths and weaknesses and consult on a strategy for improvement.

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